Spotify now lets you turn your idea into a playlist

By Rajesh Regmi 2 Min Read
  • Spotify has introduced a new AI-powered "AI Playlist" feature in beta for users in the UK and Australia.
  • It allows you to create customized playlists simply by typing in a descriptive prompt.
  • The AI will generate a customized 30-song playlist based on your prompt.

There’s a new way to create a playlist on Spotify. A beta tool in the app (both Android and iOS) now lets you create a new playlist with the help of AI. All you need to do is type a prompt in chat and Volla you will get a curated tracklist based on it. 

Spotify’s new AI Playlist beta is initially rolling out to users in the United Kingdom and Australia, and of course, to premium members only. This isn’t the platform’s first use of AI; Spotify already offers its AI DJ feature that curates music based on your taste and adds commentary around recommended tracks and artists. 

Back to the AI Playlist, users in the supported region can tap the”+” sign in the top right corner of the “Your Library” menu. 

Spotify AI Playlist

From there, select “AI Playlist” which will open a prompt box. You can now type in your desired theme or mood, such as “a playlist that makes me feel like the main character.” 

The AI will do its magic behind the scenes and you will get a 30-song playlist that is tailored to your request. Users can then further refine the tracklist by giving additional prompts and when satisfied, they can hit “Create” on top-right which will save the generated playlist. 

You can tweak the result with additional prompts and when satisfied, there’s a “Create” button on the top right to save that playlist. 

Spotify suggests using a variety of descriptions like genres, moods, artists, or decades for more successful playlist generations. Users are also recommended to reference things like places, animals, activities, movie characters, colors, and even emojis in the prompts.

AI Playlist is among the slew features Spotify has announced in recent times. Other include Miniplayer, music videos, and video courses.

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