Samsung teases the awaited Galaxy Ring, arriving in 2024 with Galaxy AI

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Just before the company signed off the January Unpacked event, it teased “one more thing” – the Samsung Galaxy Ring. It confirmed rumors that the South Korean giant is working on an Aura Ring rival. 

After the S24 Series announcement was over, Samsung played a short video introducing the Galaxy Ring. The reel-like teaser did give us the first glimpse of the smart ring.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Teaser Video

From what we have seen so far, the Galaxy Ring will be a circular metal ring with a shiny finish on top. On the inside, you can notice three raised contact points. Likewise, there are a bunch of what we think are light diode sensors from the tackers.

If the new promo video for the Samsung Health app is anything to go by, the ring is going to be an integral part of the company’s wearable division going forward.

Samsung also confirmed that the Galaxy Ring will have features powered by the newly unveiled Galaxy AI.

Meet the Galaxy Ring, with AI technology, is empowering us to stay connected, unleash our creativity, and build healthier habits, all in more meaningful ways. This is just the beginning, and we can’t wait for you to try it yourself.

This was all the announcement Samsung made about its next product category — no specifications, features, pricing, and, most importantly, no launch date.

An Image Showing Samsung Galaxy Ring on new Samsung Health Promo Video

Insider Reports

That said, there have been some posts online by people who are said to have had access to the prototype.

According to the analyst Avi Greengart, the Galaxy Ring will come in 13 different sizes and 3 finishes. He also added that the ring is set for a 2024 launch.

The latter also aligns with the Elec report that suggested a Q3 2023 or Q1 2025 launch.

Samsung Galaxy Ring Features to Look Out For

Coming to the features, we can only guess by looking at the contemporaries. 

It’s only logical that the Galaxy Ring will inherit some of the features of Samsung’s Galaxy Watch lineup, like heart rate measurement and atrial fibrillation. 

After all, ECG (Electrocardiography) and PPG (PhotoPlethysmoGraphy) sensors have been spotted on the ring’s patent.

We can also expect the ring to measure your SpO2 and sleep, as the two have become basic features in all fitness trackers.

Should you buy the Samsung Galaxy Ring?

While they are not as mainstream as smartwatches, there are people who prefer smart rings.

First, they are lightweight and more comfortable to wear. People also find them less invasive than other trackers because they lack a screen.

Moreover, smart rings are more reliable when it comes to tracking vitals like blood oxygen levels. This has more to do with their position. Fingers are generally better than wrists for these measurements. 

But what would the Samsung Galaxy Ring actually Sell for?

If you look at the competition, the Oura Ring 3 starts at USD 299. This is what we think the Samsung Galaxy Ring would end up retailing for. 

We are really interested in whether the company would opt for a subscription model like the rest. So far, no one of Samsung’s consumer tech products has gone through that route, but it is not really out of the realm.

For instance, Samsung says the  Galaxy AI features are free until 2025 but doesn’t commit to free service forever.

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