Here’s how you can photoshop people out of pictures

By Sanjeev 4 Min Read

More than often we find ourselves things or people ruining our photos. Fortunately, we can get rid of them quite easily using the latest advancements.

There are a lot of tools that you can use to photoshop someone/something out of a picture.

Let’s look at them individually.

Remove Tool

The easiest way to remove something from a picture is to use the Remove Tool.

This amazing tool was added to Photoshop in 2023 and uses AI to remove distractions from images.

To use it, select it from the toolbar and paint over the thing you want to remove from the picture.

Content Aware Fill

The content Aware Fill covers up the selection by creating new pixels based on the surroundings.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can Photoshop something out of a picture using Content Aware Fill.

Start by creating a selection around the object you are trying to remove.

Make sure to leave a space between the selection and the outline of the object.

If you are using the Subject Selection Tool use the Expand tool to select some surrounding pixels as well.

Once you made the selection, right-click and select the Content Aware Fill from the menu.

This will open the Content Aware Fill dashboard.

The highlighted region shows the pixels that will considered when making the fill.

You can make changes to it using the + and – sign at the top left.

Once the preview matches your expectations. Click on apply.

Healing Tools

If the object in question is not that enormous, you can also use the suite of healing Tools.

Spot Healing Brush

Using a spot healing tool is very simple, select it from the tool bar and paint over the object you want to remove.

Photoshop will source the surrounding pixels to create new ones.

Healing Brush

Healing Brush works the same as the spot healing brush, except it allows you to pick the pixels to source from.

You need to set the source pixel using the Alt or Option key before you start painting over the object.

Healing Patch Tool

Healing Patch Tool lets you make a selection around the object or people to remove before applying the healing effect.

Select the tool from the toolbar and make a selection around the object.

Alternatively, you can use a lasso or any selection tool to make the selection and use the healing patch tool afterward.

Then drag the selection to the area of the picture you want to source from the release.

Clone Tool

You can remove something or someone out of a picture using the Clone tool very similar to how you’d do it with the Healing Brush.

Select the source pixels using the Alt or Option Key and use it to paint over the thing you want to remove.

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