Fujifilm X100VI announced – the successor to viral X100V

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Fujifilm has just announced the X100VI, the latest mirrorless digital camera in the X100 series. It takes over the mantle from X100V, which was out of stock everywhere after going viral on TikTok, and Instagram clips pumped up the demand. 

Hopefully, the supply chain is well prepared this time as the X100VI brings even more features inside the compact design we all love.

Fujifilm X100VI — Everything you need to know

New 40.2MP CMOS sensor

First, the new Fujifilm X100VI has double the resolution of its predecessor paired with the beloved 23mm F2.0 fixed lens. The new 40.2MP CMOS sensor provides more pixel data to work with. 

It also allows more light, the result of which is that the X100VI has ISO 125 as normal sensitivity, which was the extended sensitivity in the X100V.

First IBIS in the X100 series

The other highlight of the X100VI is the built-in 5-axis in-body image stabilization with up to 6 stops of shake reduction. This is the first time the feature has made it to an X100 series camera. 

This does add a bit of weight to the body but is a welcome change nonetheless, especially for street photographers.

Fujifilm X100VI vs X100V Internal Specs

AI-backed subject tracking

Another new addition to the X100 series is the AI-based subject detection AF, which uses Deep Learning to track subjects accurately. The algorithm is trained on animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, aeroplanes, insects, and drones. 

This is made possible by the new X-Processor 5 engine, which makes the camera “twice as fast as its predecessor.”

Video capabilities

The X100 has never been about videos, but the X100V does add a 6.2K 60fps recording with tracking AF.

The X100VI also marks the inclusion of REALA ACE mode in the X series. It is part of the 20 Film Simulation mode that you can choose from based on the tone you want.

Hybrid viewfinder / Electronic range finder

The camera also inherits the advanced hybrid viewfinder from its predecessor. The Electronic ViewFinder (EVF) boasts an OLED panel with 3.69 million dots. 

You can switch to an optical viewfinder or get the best of both worlds with the Electronic Range Finder. The latter adds a small EVF on the OVF kind of picture-in-picture style, unlocking more possibilities with the viewfinder.

The new LCD screen articulates further, but the technical specs have remained unchanged. 

Fujifilm X100VI LCD Monitor

The familiar design

Although the company has made a few adjustments, the design has remained the same for the most part. You get the same body with an aluminium top and bottom, albeit a bit thicker. 

This also means everything has stayed the same on the connectivity front. Fujifilm X100VI is still stuck with a single UHS-I SD card slot and 2.5mm mic jack, with no dedicated headphone jack. Thus, you will have to resort to using an adapter with the Type-C port.

The battery has remained the same as well.

Fujifilm X100VI Compact Camera — Price and Release Date

You can currently pre-order the Fujifilm X100VI for $1,599, with the initial sales slated for early March.

Fujifilm is also offering 1,934 units of special Limited Edition X100VI on the company’s 90th anniversary. This includes a special soft-release box with a unique strap and history cards.

“The viral popularity of our X100 Series cameras has shown us time and time again that making images is as tactile as it is technical,” said Victor Ha, vice president, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Electronic Imaging Division

Introducing Fujifilm X100VI
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