BYD unveils new Dolphin EV models with lower starting price

By Sanjeev 3 Min Read

Chinese EV automaker BYD has just unveiled the latest iteration of its Dolphin hatchback. The new Honor Edition brings several notable upgrades to BYD Dolphin while also bringing down the starting price.

BYD Dolphin Honor Edition Pricing

Yes, you heard it right — BYD Dolphin is even more affordable. The entry-level Honor Edition Dolphin starts at RMB 99,800, equivalent to 14,000 USD, a 14.6% price cut from the last model.

This is for the new Vitality trim, which packs a 70 kW electric motor and 32 kWh LFP (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery and boasts a 302 km range.

BYD Dolphin Honor Edition 2024 - Ocean Aesthetics Exterior Design

BYD offers three more trims of the Dolphin Honor Edition — Free, Fashion, and Knight.

BYD Dolphin Honor Edition (2024)Electric MotorLFP BatteryRangePricing
Vitality70 kW32 kWh302 kmRMB 99,800 (~ 13,865 USD)
Free70 kW45 kWh420 kmRMB 112,800 (~ 15,670 USD)
Fashion70 kW45 kWh420 kmRMB 119,800 (~ 16,650 USD)
Knight130 kW45 kWh401 kmRMB 129,800 (~ 18,030 USD)

The new pricing, together with all the improvements, makes the Dophin really enticing option. It is part of BYD’s new mission of taking over traditional fuel-powered vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE.)

This also comes just after BYD was spotted filing for a trademark for Dolphin EV. We believe the Honor Edition is now heading to India where it will be the company’s most affordable offering.

BYD Dolphin Honor Edition Overview

BYD has not made many changes to the exterior of the new Dolphin. The Honor Edition retains the same ‘Ocean Aesthetics’ design and dimensions of its predecessor. 

The only thing that has changed is the wheel rim design — something you will only notice looking from the sideways.

BYD has also introduced two new colorways, Atlantis Grey and Heatwave Red. There is also a new tinted glass at the back.

Inside, BYD Dolphin now comes with ventilated front seats. It also adds a 50W wireless charging pad and a new type-C charging port.

The center console has also remained intact with a 5-inch LCD dashboard and a 12.8-inch floating rotating screen. 

Potential users of the BYD Dolphin Honor Edition would be delighted that it has an independent suspension system, just like the European version.

BYD Dolphin Honor Edition 2024 - Interior Design
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