Google releases Android 15 Developer Preview 1 – the focus is on privacy

By Rajesh Regmi 4 Min Read

Android 15 Developer Preview 1 is finally out today. The build is predictably rough and packed with under-the-hood changes, so it’s suitable only for devs and the extremely curious. 

For those folks, Android 15 DP1 is available for Pixel devices starting with the Pixel 6. Public betas won’t be landing until later this spring, with Google pushing for platform stability sometime in June.

Android 15 launch timeframe (it’s just a start). Image: Android Developers

Android 15 continues to build on a familiar trend — tightening security, enhancing developer tools, and making incremental improvements across the board. Let’s break down what’s actually new.

Android 15 Developer Preview 1: What’s new?

There’s a heightened focus on privacy with this Android release. One highlight is the further integration of Health Connect into Android 15, a secure platform for syncing various health and fitness data from different apps. It will support even more data types now, including fitness, nutrition, and more. 

Android 15 logo is an inverted triangle representing ‘V’. Image: Android Developers Blog

Android 15 also builds on the “Privacy Sandbox” concept, giving users more control over how their data is used in advertising. If file integrity is vital for your app, Android 15 also introduces new APIs to protect files from unwanted alterations.

While subtle, several API upgrades in Android 15 target creators and app developers who work with media. Developers now have additional ways to tweak low-light camera results, control flash intensity, and support MIDI 2.0 within virtual apps. These seemingly minor adjustments will provide some more options to creatively-minded developers.

Beyond the highlights, Android 15 delivers predictable behind-the-scenes refinements. There are additional tools for app performance tuning, the promise of enhanced battery life thanks to system optimizations, and updates to the core Java programming components. All of this is par for the course with major Android releases.

Supported devices

Currently, system images for Android 15 Developer Preview 1 are available for  Pixel 6 and later models, including all recent flagships, the Pixel Tablet, and the Pixel Fold. Google notes that there could be potential issues when sideloading the build, so developers are encouraged to consider flashing factory images instead.

Also, do note this Developer Preview is explicitly not intended for casual consumer use. The public Android Beta arrives later in April. 

For users already running Android 14 QPR3, Google recommends updating immediately to guarantee compatibility with the Android 15 Developer Preview.

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